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Satin Wedding Dresses

9763 Satin Wedding Dresses Found
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Satin Wedding Dresses

On that big day, the one you’ve been dreaming of your whole life, the formality of satin lights up a room with its own luster that looks good under any type of lighting, natural or artificial, making it a very photogenic fabric. This mesmerizing quality gives satin a sense of classiness that is missing in dresses made from cheaper materials.

Slightly heavy, yet cool enough, satin wedding dresses can be worn during any season. Satin leaves a soft and cool sensation against the skin, for both the bride and anyone who touches her. Other fabrics are known to make hissing, chaffing sounds with any movement, yet satin remains silent and stately.

Satin does have its downside; the main one being that it stains easily. Just a drop of water alone can create a stain on quality satin. And cleaning satin is an expensive undertaking. However, considering that satin wedding dresses will be worn only once, this drawback isn’t a serious concern for a bride.

It is important to understand that there are a variety of different types of satin differing in how much they weigh and how much light they reflect. Duchess satin or cathedral satin is heavier and is used for satin wedding dresses that have tight corset tops and long trains. Chameuse and crepe backed satin is more lightweight and floats around the figure.

Satin wedding dresses can be made from different fibers and are most often woven from what is called bridal satin, made from silk or polyester fibers. Silk satin has a more natural shine, drapes over the figure most elegantly, and is cooler on the body. However, it is more prone to wrinkling and creasing. Polyester satin is more difficult to wrinkle, has a heavier feel, and is more stain resistant.

Our store has a wide variety of satin dresses to choose from. With the purpose of looking for something that floats with an ethereal draping quality, silk satin would be a good choice. Want to desire a more structured dress with trains and layers? Then polyester satin is the way to go.

CUSTOMER REVIEWS (7895)Satin Wedding Dresses

Average Rating 4.88 5
  • By Allyson Clarkson

    Feb 20,2020

    Oooh my goodness the dress is absolutely beautiful . The measurements were perfect as I ordered a custom dress. I love it! It looks exactly as pictured. Everything came sooner than expected. A plus for me. I havent had a chance to try on the headpiece yet but I think that it is beautiful as well. Thank-you for a great experience on your website. I have one more dress to order for my matron-of honor. But I already feel that I will be satisfied wit it as well.

  • By Mel

    Feb 18,2020

    I really love this dress, before I order it I would like to know if the lace in the back can be replaced with an invisible zip and buttons to cover along the zip.

  • By Barbara

    Feb 17,2020

    I loved the dress. Just like the pictures, very good quality and it fits really well..

  • By amitsingh22

    Feb 11,2020

    I am 5'6'', bust 88, The dress of size 6 was not good fit on me. The hip area was way too big but the waist part was very tight. However, finally got it all fixed. It's perfect now. All in all, The dress is very good with high quality material and the sexy spagatti straps. Thnx

  • By

    Feb 09,2020

    I really wish to appreciate the designer who designed this elegant wedding dress. I could easily impress all the people who came to my wedding when I wore this wedding dress.

  • By srose

    Jan 31,2020

    I am soo in love with my dress and I am excited about wearing it for my wedding in December 2016

  • By duncanah

    Jan 26,2020

    I'm barely 5 feet with petite physique and ordered size 6 and the dress fits well. Love what I bought. many thx!

  • By Karen

    Jan 19,2020

    Can someone please post a pic of this dress. I love it, but would like to see a real person in it. Thanks

  • By aprilrigg

    Jan 18,2020

    Breast part were too loose. I am afraid being too exposed. So I need to make some alterations on top. Otherwise the dress was ok. Good fabric and right size. Thanks

  • By Peace Homenyor

    Jan 15,2020

    This is the picture of the dress

  • By charlotte

    Jan 14,2020

    Amazing site which helped me choose my dream wedding gowns. fabric and design were made changes as I required. very people-friendly custom service. I love the product and the price here. will make business with you again when needs arrived.

  • By Zaira

    Jan 12,2020

    It Was Sooo PERFECT!!!! Words can’t describe how gorgeous it is. ♥️♥️

  • By Meghana

    Jan 10,2020

    Can you post an actual photo of the dress for reference? Thanks!!!

  • By Ioanna1979

    Jan 06,2020

    I would like to send me photos of your own sewing this vector

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