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Mother Of The Bride Dresses Under 110

379 Mother Of The Bride Dresses Under 110 Found
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Mother Of The Bride Dresses Under 110

CUSTOMER REVIEWS (167)Mother Of The Bride Dresses Under 110

Average Rating 4.83 5
  • By Joanna Corbett

    Feb 18,2020

    Beautiful dress, fits perfectly, delivered on time for my friend's wedding. Very happy with the purchase.

  • By Nad

    Feb 17,2020

    Bought this dress for my bridesmaids it's exactly as picture. Got it within three days after shipment. The quickest ever. The tailors are amazing , fits perfecy. Thanks for your great work.

  • By Hollis Bradle

    Feb 17,2020

    What a beautiful dress, the size, the fit were perfect!

  • By Dilliannah Bierle

    Feb 16,2020

    Perfect dress!

  • By Henric Belden

    Feb 16,2020

    Gorgeous dress with jacket.

  • By Cecilia Norling

    Feb 16,2020

    This elegant mother of the bride dress fulfilled my desire of expectation in all the aspect of color, quality and design. I felt extremely happy with the prompt shipment.

  • By WrigleyFenway

    Feb 16,2020

    I usually have to try on dresses before I buy, but took a chance and ordered this in a 16 (I usually wear a 16 or 18). It's soft and comfortable, not clingy at all. I'm very fair skinned and love that it has sleeves to cover my pasty white arms.

  • By Tammi K.

    Feb 16,2020

    The delivery was earlier than expected which was a good thing and the quality wasn’t bad; however A little unhappy with my order due to the color being off. I was hoping for a richer blue the sapphire might have worked better. I also made the mistake of going with customized sizing instead of just ordering a size 4. I wanted it to be perfect fit for my sons wedding. The sizing is off it’s big in the waist and shoulder area. I look frumpy 🥺 I don’t believe that I can exchange for the right color or size. 😢

  • By Marie Paule

    Feb 15,2020

    Bonjour ! cette robe me plait beaucoup : NO. WMD 16330 mais je voudrais voir la couleur 98 sur un modèle , merci de me renseigner

  • By Agnes

    Feb 14,2020

    I have been in touch with Lily since August 27 and patiently answer her questions and suggestions. Both dresses sent to me do NOT match the high standards, good quality materials and especially quality control of dresses sent to customers presented in your offer !!!

  • By Nicole Lex

    Feb 14,2020

    I love this website! I am a regular customer of this website, it's so honest & have an excellent customer service. Beautiful dresses, so many options.. It's great!! I Recommened.

  • By Mehdi BelHoussain

    Feb 13,2020

    My mom love it, stunning quality. I was surprised for how good it looks for so lower price. I recommend it.

  • By Mcaffie Masson

    Feb 13,2020

    This is such a beautiful dress! That's why I ordered two of them

  • By Dan

    Feb 13,2020

    Love this dress. Many people have complimented me on this dress

  • By Anna_92

    Feb 12,2020

    Good for a lovely dress.Fast delivery, I received a lot of compliments at the wedding of my son.Thank you again

  • By anonymous

    Feb 12,2020

    real photos

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