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Hot Selling Bridesmaid Dresses

264 Hot Selling Bridesmaid Dresses Found
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Hot Selling Bridesmaid Dresses

CUSTOMER REVIEWS (160)Hot Selling Bridesmaid Dresses

Average Rating 4.87 5
  • By Ivy26

    Feb 18,2020

    The gown is beautiful and very well done! came in the agreed time!

  • By Cheryl James

    Feb 18,2020

    I got a sapphire one in size 8. It has dark blue shiny beading. The skirt is gorgeous. I'm 5'7 and 115 and it fits alright, good length - I wouldn't want it to be any smaller, though. Especially the bodice. The dress is clingy along belly and upper hips but not tapered at the waist - not the most flattering cut for those of us without narrow waists. It looks nice enough though, and is comfortable. The dress fabric is good quality and opaque, wear as an "evening dress".

  • By Fran

    Feb 16,2020

    What are the 2 colors of the dresses in this picture? Thank you!

  • By sunshine

    Feb 16,2020

    The color is lighter than shown...its more like a brick red...the custom alterations was perfect!

  • By sarah

    Feb 15,2020

    Hey I just purchased this chiffon full Length Strapless A-line Bridesmaid Dress. It has really beautiful effect on people because of design of the dress. I wore it and gained all the attention in the function. It has a very high quality material and very comfortable to wear even if it is strapless but the zip given at the behind fits our body properly and gets us undoubtedly the perfect and sophisticated look for any function. All the credit just goes to this online store which got us such good products with all the facilities possible. May be I would not have got much better dress then this anywhere.

  • By Amber

    Feb 15,2020

    I received my order in perfect condition. Thank you very much and the dress is so lovely and my bridesmaids are extremely excited too. They all look gorgeous in these dresses. Fast shipping and delivery. Thumbs up!

  • By Mrs. Glam

    Feb 15,2020

    The dress arrived on time. It was beautiful and I felt like the belle of the ball. I wore it to a wedding. The material is light and high quality, and it is definitely worth the price.

  • By Lainey

    Feb 14,2020

    Received the dress two weeks after the order. It was well packed. In general, the dress is beautiful and quality, the material and sewing quality. The lining material is pleasant, moderately dense, does not shine through and does not fit. Took to the wedding, which will be in june. There are only two minuses: the decor with chain and rhinestones is torn off, not so attached, it will be necessary to sew and glue. And more length, the dress lies on the floor, it will be necessary to remove about 5 cm. My height is 171 and even with heels it is impossible to walk. You step on the hem of the dress and get confused. The length is slightly exaggerated. I took the size 6 for the parameters 88/70/99. Everything came well. Since the waist is too high, i think it is necessary to focus on the volume of the chest. In general, i recommend.

  • By Lyra

    Feb 14,2020

    Shipping Speed: N.A.
    Placed order on 8 July for two of these dresses, US 8 & US 22, together with another dress (not this) of custom size. Received my order on 29 July. I’m guessing my order might’ve taken longer due to the other custom dress so I cannot comment on the shipping speed.

    Similarity to product photo: 7/10
    The colour I received was a brighter red. Not ridiculously different but still brighter than what I expected. Unfortunately, I’m picky about colours. Also, the dress I received is less fitting than it looks in the photo. Would recommend customising the dress size.

    Quality of workmanship: 8/10
    Reasonably symmetrical, cut, sewn and hemmed at the right places. Typical of any dress you would find at a regular brick and mortar bridal/costume shop. Nothing impressive, nothing to shout about. Just normal.

    Design: 7/10
    Honestly the dress looks quite tacky up close. The materials used just don’t do the design justice. But points awarded for the pretty design of the top half.

    Value for money: 7/10
    If I judge by the sheer amount of materials used in the making of the dress, it would be 9/10 value for money. But the materials just feel cheap and tacky, and didn’t do the dress justice. It just doesn’t command the premium. For 10/10 value for money I would think the dress needs to be priced at least 30% cheaper than it currently is now. I would’ve been more willing to pay a premium for the dress if I had customised the size, and if the materials used felt less cheap.

  • By alefp

    Feb 13,2020

    Beautiful dress, excellent quality, great service!!

  • By A.Pyle

    Feb 13,2020

    I ordered a customized dress and also my bridesmaids ordered 6 dresses more for my wedding and they fitted perfectly. The quality is very good and the color is just like the picture too. This dress is worth every penny.

  • By glitter blood

    Feb 12,2020

    This dress was actually beautiful. Ordered it for my Maid of Honor, and we ended up choosing different colors and this dress was one of my absolute favorite contenders.

  • By Lambhjrt

    Feb 12,2020

    It was very good experience. The dresses were beautiful and the server was good.

  • By sallo

    Feb 12,2020

    please I want to ask of I want the dress floor length instead of knee length it possible
    and how much it will cost ?
    thank you

  • By Steph

    Feb 12,2020

    Can somwone post photo of dress please

  • By Maya Fenty

    Feb 11,2020

    My bridesmaids picked this dress for my wedding. We were a little nervous ordering the dresses online but we absolutely loved Them. We take our measurements and ordered the size of the dress by the measurements. We did that and the dresses fit perfect. The color is beautiful. They all looked awesome.

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