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Hot Selling Bridesmaid Dresses

264 Hot Selling Bridesmaid Dresses Found
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Hot Selling Bridesmaid Dresses

CUSTOMER REVIEWS (160)Hot Selling Bridesmaid Dresses

Average Rating 4.87 5
  • By Mesaros Loredana

    May 25,2020

    The ideal bridesmaid's gown. Adorable color elegant cut and surprisingly hard-wearing. So much so in fact that it's now back from the dry cleaners and packed up ready to be passed on to my daughter for her own important day.

  • By lara

    May 24,2020

    Gibt es eine Lieferung nach Deutschland? und wie viel kostet das pro ein Stück?

  • By lillie

    May 23,2020

    What color should I chose if I want the color "champagne" and how long is standard shipping? from the time I place my order to when it arrives at my door?

  • By Alexis

    May 22,2020

    Dress in good quality! Highly recommended arrived on time and very nice dress. Ordered for the bridesmaids in my wedding... loved it thank you so much..good customer service as well! Prices worth it!!

  • By sue milli

    May 22,2020

    Very worth it. To be honest,  I did not want to spend a lot on a bridemaid dress I'd only wear once. When i bought it i got a coupon, so i have a big saving and the dress is with good quality. I like the light  pink color, and it mede me look young.

  • By sonya

    May 20,2020

    Wow! now this is a good brides maid dress,so lovely.I want to get them for my wedding in May so that my girls ,my bridesmaids look good also and we all know about the brides maids curse of wearing bad dresses,i want them to look elegant.This dress although is very plain,i will get it and four more.Thank you for the help.

  • By Gracious

    May 20,2020

    I ordered this dress for my bridesmaids. They were delivered pretty fast and the fit is almost perfect. I love the quality of the material and the tailoring is amazing. Only thing is the colour I got was not what I wanted but not a train smash. The tail is also very long I may have to have them trimmed. My fiance is also quite impressed with the quality of the dresses. I can't wait for my wedding!

  • By Maryana Shtyrkalo

    May 20,2020

    The dresses came in beautiful. I did not expect them to look really nice.

  • By A.Pyle

    May 20,2020

    I ordered a customized dress and also my bridesmaids ordered 6 dresses more for my wedding and they fitted perfectly. The quality is very good and the color is just like the picture too. This dress is worth every penny.

  • By Denise Tolvaisa

    May 20,2020

    I purchased 6 of these for my bridesmaids and I was really scared of buying them online. When we got the dresses, they fit as we thought, most of them have smaller busts so they were a bit big in that area but nothing that can't be tailored to perfection, another one had the opposite problem so we ordered another and left this one as a backup, and when I placed the order, I was surprised to hear from seller. they sent an e-mail stating that if it was a sizing problem, we could send measurements and they would custom-make it! Although we went for the bigger size, I thought their attention was great and would definitely buy from him again… great quality and great service for a low price! What more can you ask for!

  • By Larissa

    May 19,2020

    Very beautiful! Love it!

  • By Amber

    May 18,2020

    I received my order in perfect condition. Thank you very much and the dress is so lovely and my bridesmaids are extremely excited too. They all look gorgeous in these dresses. Fast shipping and delivery. Thumbs up!

  • By sarah

    May 17,2020

    Hey I just purchased this chiffon full Length Strapless A-line Bridesmaid Dress. It has really beautiful effect on people because of design of the dress. I wore it and gained all the attention in the function. It has a very high quality material and very comfortable to wear even if it is strapless but the zip given at the behind fits our body properly and gets us undoubtedly the perfect and sophisticated look for any function. All the credit just goes to this online store which got us such good products with all the facilities possible. May be I would not have got much better dress then this anywhere.

  • By F. Chan

    May 16,2020

    Bought this dress for a wedding! Even if I don't wear as a bridesmaid I plan to wear for a nice dinner or to attend a wedding or graduation! Because it is so beautiful and i love it so much.The light gray color is beautiful and soft and the dress is flowy!

  • By Mary V Heuer

    May 16,2020

    I am in shock, and i received the dress very soon. It is very soft and comfortable and the size is perfect. I cannot wait for my friends' wedding to wear it! Thank you!

  • By Marine Wife

    May 16,2020

    Have not tried this on my bridesmaid yet, but this dress is definitely worth the money! Absolutely STUNNING. I wish I would’ve bought all my girls this dress. Beyond impressed.

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