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Graduation Dresses

137 Graduation Dresses Found
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Graduation Dresses

Graduating from school or college is a major transition every woman goes through. From school, graduation marks the beginning of a new life where someone will mingle with career-oriented individuals. What’s more,college graduation celebrates student’s entrance to the work force and highlights their readiness to become a contributing member of the community.

With so much importance given to graduation, the last thing most of women students need to do is to dress down for it. Here, we prepared graduation dresses collection.

At our store, a wide collection of cheap graduation dresses will make students stand out once their graduation gown is off and they are able to party with friends and family members anytime. To accommodate all needs and school's regulations (if any), we offer a wide range of hem lengths, trains, necklines, silhouettes, sleeve lengths, waist styles, and back styles. Then students can easily choose a short beaded taffeta dress or an elegant tea-length dress with a sash around your waist.

Considering that some schools require students to add factors representing school like school flower or fixed color to their graduation dresses, our exquisite tailors can create them according to the note customers left in the message blank. From cuts to style to embellishment, your can decide the change on basis of original style on our website.

So don’t waste any more time and let us deliver your graduation dress long before your upcoming big day.

CUSTOMER REVIEWS (70)Graduation Dresses

Average Rating 4.81 5
  • By Regina

    Feb 18,2020

    I love the style of this dress, I only wish it were in more colors since I need it in a blue shade.

  • By Shaylynn

    Feb 17,2020

    Good quality but didn't fit the best.

  • By Doanna

    Feb 16,2020

    i can not express my was very fast, i thought i would not receive it in time. i made the custom order and it was perfect the done in an atelier. the store and seller are to be congratulated. if i could i would give it 10 stars. thanks/i cannot express my joy.the full lace make me very elegant and feminize.

  • By Abdullah Ahmed

    Feb 14,2020

    The dress is of gorgeous look and good fit. The only thing I had a problem with was the quality of tulle, It's so easy to be scratch. I couldn't even to touch it by strength. That is not cool.

  • By parufki

    Feb 13,2020

    So happy to find this site. I had looked through a lot online store and finally ordered 2 dresses here. Great experience. I had some problem when ordering. But the customer service was very patient and solved it.

  • By Seeta Bhola

    Feb 13,2020

    I like the smooth texture of dresses, and it look natural and feel very comfortable wearing it. my friends thought this is beautiful as well and they got a sock when they knew the price. Really nice and simple designed dress. I love it very very much. thanks

  • By Christy "ckrjb"

    Feb 13,2020

    As a sundress, this dress is pretty and well priced. The fabric is very soft and comfy. I washed it and it washed well. I love the color I Love the feel of it. With a pair of high heel sandals, the length of the back is perfect. You don't have to Iron it. I just Love the colors it is so clear and bright. I wish I could buy every color that you have.

  • By Rosef

    Feb 12,2020

    Love this dress very happy with the fit and the make.

  • By Bonnie D. Farmer

    Feb 12,2020

    Love this dress! The material is so nice and it is a really simple, beautiful dress for the price. I ordered the wrong size so it’s too small but because I paid so little I can easily have alterations done. I had an issue with the straps not being long enough but that could be because of my size. This dress is great though! I would recommend.

  • By Lisa Guidos

    Feb 10,2020

    It's pretty awesome.I like how people stare and try to figure out how the actual dress is designed from near to afar. It's really sophisticated!

  • By TARDISmama

    Feb 09,2020

    This dress is cute and charming and this site is great. It has a long variety of cute items, the interface is easy enough. You do have to search a little bit for a good value+quality, but it's definitely worth it. I bought 4 dresses before and it was fairly good shipping, and all the dresses are same as describled.

  • By Sheida Maher

    Feb 07,2020

    love itttt!!!! love itttt!!!! love itttt!!!! love itttt!!!! love itttt!!!! love itttt!!!! love itttt!!!! love itttt!!!! love itttt!!!! love itttt!!!! love itttt!!!! love itttt!!!! love itttt!!!! love itttt!!!! love itttt!!!! love itttt!!!! love itttt!!!! love itttt!!!!

  • By Heba Aljuboori

    Feb 06,2020

    Well, I have to say this dress is beyond my expectation. The lace part is delicate. I totally believe that all the work is done by hand. I appreciate your work so much! Thank you guys.

  • By Judith holmes

    Feb 05,2020

    Until I saw the real thing, I was worried that things just like the photos could reach, but a wonderful dress arrived. The state of goods is also good, I am very satisfied I can get it cheaper than renting.

  • By bestbanktrainer

    Feb 05,2020

    Good quality and beautiful. Thank you for giving me such a lovely dress!

  • By Debra

    Feb 04,2020

    Picture on model shows dress at knee length it more like a mini dress but it's very beautiful My husband love me in it so much. I guess I am not wearing it to the party but keep it as sole memory to my dearest :)

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