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Satin Wedding Dresses

9763 Satin Wedding Dresses Found
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Satin Wedding Dresses

On that big day, the one you’ve been dreaming of your whole life, the formality of satin lights up a room with its own luster that looks good under any type of lighting, natural or artificial, making it a very photogenic fabric. This mesmerizing quality gives satin a sense of classiness that is missing in dresses made from cheaper materials.

Slightly heavy, yet cool enough, satin wedding dresses can be worn during any season. Satin leaves a soft and cool sensation against the skin, for both the bride and anyone who touches her. Other fabrics are known to make hissing, chaffing sounds with any movement, yet satin remains silent and stately.

Satin does have its downside; the main one being that it stains easily. Just a drop of water alone can create a stain on quality satin. And cleaning satin is an expensive undertaking. However, considering that satin wedding dresses will be worn only once, this drawback isn’t a serious concern for a bride.

It is important to understand that there are a variety of different types of satin differing in how much they weigh and how much light they reflect. Duchess satin or cathedral satin is heavier and is used for satin wedding dresses that have tight corset tops and long trains. Chameuse and crepe backed satin is more lightweight and floats around the figure.

Satin wedding dresses can be made from different fibers and are most often woven from what is called bridal satin, made from silk or polyester fibers. Silk satin has a more natural shine, drapes over the figure most elegantly, and is cooler on the body. However, it is more prone to wrinkling and creasing. Polyester satin is more difficult to wrinkle, has a heavier feel, and is more stain resistant.

Our store has a wide variety of satin dresses to choose from. With the purpose of looking for something that floats with an ethereal draping quality, silk satin would be a good choice. Want to desire a more structured dress with trains and layers? Then polyester satin is the way to go.

CUSTOMER REVIEWS (7895)Satin Wedding Dresses

Average Rating 4.88 5
  • By Shannon Owens

    Jan 24,2020

    Great quality dress, very elegant and beautiful. I received endless compliments on how classy it looked. There are a few loose bead strings, but you can’t really see them. I had my dress custom sized, and I would definitely recommend this option, but be sure to add some extra room around hips for sitting.

  • By alejandra

    Jan 19,2020

    You were so kind to tell me when my order would be shipped and when I should receive my purchase, as I am getting married soon and would love to know I would get it early. Great service! Thank you very much!

  • By Natali H

    Jan 17,2020

    The color is amazing and material with high quality and as picture exactly. Satisfied with the product.

  • By Stacey

    Jan 06,2020

    Great purchase! Be sure to measure yourself and if unsure (store is very responsive if you have questions). I had the store add a cap sleeve. Overall, I loved it and received many compliments!

  • By Mima517

    Dec 27,2019

    Thank you so much. I am so happy. Dress is beautiful. I have dress without petticoat on the picture, but dress with petticout is fabulous. Could you give me advice which bolero to this? Thank you :)

  • By Coco

    Dec 26,2019

    Love the dress.thank u

  • By Katherine

    Dec 13,2019

    El vestido es precioso...tiene unos detalles increíbles. Tardó un poco más de un mes en llegar y el resultado fue tan como lo esperé. Estoy super contenta con mi vestido de novia.

  • By Vânia Fernandes

    Dec 11,2019

    The dress is absolutely stunning, high quality, the communication went very smooth. seller is great!! I am very happy. Thank you so much!!

  • By postarber

    Dec 09,2019

    So my dress arrived and I thought I would write my review. I love it. This is the second wedding dress I have bought and my fiance will be happy to hear this is the one!! The dress itself has been made well. my only grumble is the lace around the top isn't like the pictures and slightly uneven. Other than that it is pretty perfect really!I have a bigger bust, I am also really tall (179cm) and bought a size 8. The dress is long enough to me. I feel like a princess.Thank you!


    Dec 05,2019

    hello seller, could provide me with real photos of this beautiful dress ? if you would be so kind ... thank you very much

  • By Danea gallardo

    Dec 04,2019

    El vestido me llego super rápido!
    En menos de 1 mes!!
    Es realmente hermoso... Tengo que ajustarle un poco las mangas que me quedo grande pero nada más
    Completamente recomendado!!

  • By ninell92

    Nov 29,2019

    When dresses have style, design and appropriate color it is really easy to buy them, as they're selling by themselves. It is the case of this graceful short dress which is impressing with finesse and delicacy. Perfectly highlighting in a very delightful way my silhouette, this dress easily captivated me and I was delighted wearing it. It is providing me a great and incredible pleasure over my skin, beautifully enjoying the high-quality material texture.

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